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S type tension sensor
Spoke type weighing sensor
Column type weighing sensor
Cantilever weighing sensor
Bridge type weighing sensor
Box type weighing sensor
Corrugated pipe weighing sensor
Portable traffic weighing system
GCF portable axle load platform
Junction box
The signal line
Weighing module
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Jinan Jinfulin Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
Jinan Headquarters
Address: Ji’nan City, Huaiyin District, Shandong province sunshine new road No. 19
Contact person: Zhang manager 18653122255 Wen manager 13969181978
Fax: 0531 - 69980089
E-mail: wenxiufeng@artcentersh.com 
The subordinate company
Changzhou ramgarh Cable Co.Ltd. 
Address: Jiangsu Wujin District Hutang Changzhou Textile City
Contact person: Zhang manager 13806110671
E-mail: zx11688@artcentersh.com

    Ji’nan Fulin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional engaged inmeasuring, weighing sensor, weighing and force measuring instrument, meters and weighing metering system engineering R & D, production and sales of high-tech companies. Company main products: weighing, force sensor, a pressure sensor, a pull pressure sensor, torque sensor, sensor specific overload limiter,elevator safety control system, as well as to undertake automation control systemand supporting, sensors and control devices for measuring and providing advanced industrial safety limiter industry.
    Companies have professional and technical personnel and project engineer,especially through extensive Union University...[more]

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Ji'nan City, Huaiyin District, Shandong province sunshine new road No. 19
Contact person: Zhang manager 18653122255  Wen manager 13969181978  Fax: 0531 - 69980089  E-mail: 119790220@qq.com